Looking after your Happiness in Challenging Times

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To celebrate World Happiness Day why not attend our workshop on looking after your happiness in challenging times

Are these challenging times getting you down?

  • · you’re not alone, most people have been impacted in some way by the pandemic and many of us are anxious, frustrated, grieving, stressed, tired or lonely

Would you like to switch off for a little while and have some fun whilst learning some simple ways to increase your happiness and well-being that you could pass on to others?

  • then come along to our fun, playful ‘Happiness Matters’ experience, to celebrate World Happiness Day, explore what happiness means, why it matters, and how we can all be a little happier

What’s the experience all about?

  • the session brings people together and to learn some techniques to help deal with the challenges life throws at us, be kinder to ourselves and find more joy in the day to day

Who are the sessions for and who runs them?

  • these free sessions are designed for adults who need some ‘light relief’ and for volunteers, community group leaders or service providers who want to help others
  • they are provided by SCVS and facilitated by Slough Happiness Collective.

What will the Workshop involve?

  • a few minutes relaxation to ensure we’re all settled
  • a brief explanation of the science of happiness and the five ways to well-being
  • some fun activities to help understand how we can impact our own happiness an opportunity to exercise your laughter muscles
  • tips on how we can be kinder to ourselves
  • suggestions on how to put the learning into practice on a day-to-day basis

Why attend?

  • because its scientifically proven that you can improve your own happiness and well-being
  • it’s chance to get out of the house, meet nice people, have some fun and lift your mood
  • you’ll learn something you can practice in everyday life and pass onto others.

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