How to be part of a community response to domestic abuse training

Event Details

Facilitated by Caron Kipping, The DASH Charity

This training will provide a basic understanding of domestic abuse and local services. We all know domestic abuse is a serious issue – come and learn how you can help create a community where domestic abuse has no place to thrive. With experts from The Dash Charity and a survivor sharing her story this training is essential for everyone!

  • What is domestic abuse?
  • Why we need your help
  • Domestic abuse and the pandemic
  • Spot the signs
  • Survivor story
  • Signposting and immediate help
  • Local services and support
  • The Dash Charity services

The training will Include 2 breakouts to discuss:

Breakout 1:

Count how many people you know or who you have met who have experienced domestic abuse

Identify what you would you like to know in the session

Breakout no 2:

What else would you like to learn ? Any particular topics?

Please note this in an interactive session and we will kindly ask you to have your videos on for the purpose of this training. This will make it easier for the trainer and survivor to communicate with all the participants and for you to make the most of the training without any distraction. Thank you so much for your co-operation.

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