Dyslexia Awareness Workshop – Adults in the Workplace

Event Details

Trainer: Jeanette Benbow – Delivered by Adult Dyslexia Centre

An interactive workshop focusing on:

  • A background to dyslexia, including how it affects your life, its symptoms and how others can support those with dyslexia;
  • How dyslexia affects literacy skills
  • The intricacies of dyslexia as an adult, the impact that it has on work life and coping skills;
  • Learning difficulties that are often found alongside dyslexia, including ADHD, and how they function in relation to each other;
  • An overview of dyslexia as a legal issue – the 2010 Act.

We hope to bring in someone with dyslexia who can talk about their own experiences and how it has impacted on their life. We will also be keen for you to have your videos on so that we can interact and communicate well with all of our participants making it a meaningful and positive experience.

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