What’s Happening In Slough!

It’s strange how hard it is to find out what’s happening in and around slough. In a strange way we are now totally overwhelmed with information, but when it comes down to finding out what’s happening, be it in the Curve, or the High Street, or in our communities, then it is actually quite difficult to see what’s going on. Of course there is facebook and there are a number of wonderful resources all vying for our attention, but when it comes to finding one simple place where you can actually see what is happening in Slough then it seems tough to find.

So hence this Slough Online portal. We’ve tried to steer clear of all the issues of advertising. What you see on this website is what you get. some straightforward information about what is going on.

The real powerhouse of this web portal is the events calendar. Any group or individual can add an event. It will be checked by our administrators and then posted on the site. We hope, over time, to persuade people to tell us more about what is happening in Slough so we can share it with the wider community.

We’ve started the ball rolling by adding a variety of events from all sorts of venues. We have the calendar of events from the Curve. We have events from Home Slough and we have events from the voluntary and business sectors.

Of course with so much information the calendar can get crowded, so you can simplify your life by filter, for example on training events, or events for families, or special events. Each event should tell you how much it costs (and many are free!) it will also tell you where it happens.

Don’t forget we have a number of venues in and around Slough. The great Home Slough Pop Up Shop (the old Top Shop in the Observatory) run an eclectic array of events with something for literally everyone.

If you are wondering what’s happening in Slough today then why not start browsing.

Oh.. and to make life interesting we have also provide links to volunteering opportunities in and around the town. If you want to volunteer, or if you are perhaps looking for volunteers, then that may make good reading too!

Enjoy browsing and please, if you have an event happening anywhere in slough, please let us know!