Art Beyond Belief

Art Beyond Belief works primarily in the areas of health, social care,_x000D_
education and diversity._x000D_
We are a well-established organisation 2015 was our tenth_x000D_
Our programmes are created and run by experienced professionals, and_x000D_
we work closely with statutory and third sector partners. We design,_x000D_
produce and deliver programmes that use a unique blend of art, study,_x000D_
computer-based graphics, photography and discussion to get people_x000D_
thinking and talking about their own and others perspectives._x000D_
Our programmes enable people to take a new perspective on personal_x000D_
issues for example in mental health, domestic violence and support_x000D_
for people with dementia. Our programmes also help enable_x000D_
communication where it has broken down for example between_x000D_
parents and children, between people from different cultural_x000D_
or faith backgrounds, or in any situation where bullying is taking place._x000D_
In addition to working directly with clients, we also run awareness_x000D_
training courses for professionals using the same techniques,_x000D_
and for our partners we offer training in complementing our techniques._x000D_

Address: 1sr floor, Kingsway, Church Street, Slough, Berkshire,SL1 1SZ
Telephone: 07412 974454