Remap Berkshire: Volunteer Engineer

Remap is a national organization, of which Remap Berkshire forms part and serves the Berkshire area. Our volunteer engineers make aids for the disabled that are not available to buy. If a person with a disability, or their carer or medical practitioner, identifies the need for a piece of equipment which no one makes, then Remap will. Our service is free to the user. When allocated a job, our volunteer will visit the client to understand the problem. He will then return home, design and make the aid in his own workshop, and give it to the client.The volunteer needs to have the ability and skill to understand a problem, and then design and make the solution. The ability to come up with an original concept is vital; no one comes to us with a readymade design! It would suit a skilled DIYer, model maker or craftsman with a workshop at home. The timing and duration of the work is entirely in the control of the volunteer. Although most of our volunteers are retired, we have three who also work full time. This work will appeal to anyone who enjoys solving problems and making things.

Contact Name: Robert Monk
Contact Phone: 0118-9471324
Contact Email:
Minimum Age: 0