Berkshire Youth (Formally BACYP)

The Berkshire Youth activities programme has been developed to encourage young people in Berkshire to become active citizens and get involved in events and activities offering lifelong opportunities. Activities give young people the chance to improve their health, become active and make a positive contribution through leadership in their community._x000D_
Through our many years of experience, we know that young people need to have places to go and things to do._x000D_
We support this knowledge through our network of affiliated clubs who remain autonomous and responsive to community needs. Young people can provide positive and constructive contributions to their community and we encourage clubs to include and involve them in management and decision-making, ensuring they have a real say in the type of provision they require._x000D_
Berkshire Youth provides advice and guidance on the governance and administration of each youth club. We also represent the network through our two national organisations: UK Youth and Ambition UK._x000D_
Individual youth clubs are provided with the necessary policies and training is offered to cover the essential elements of running a club and ensuring that a safe, challenging and enjoyable programme is on offer to young people._x000D_

Address: 44 Watlington Street, Reading, ,RG1 4RJ
Telephone: 01189 090927