Homestart: Governance, Strategy and Professional Management Trustee

Engage in strategic planning for the scheme Formulate and adopt policy and assist with its implementation. Approve and monitor Home-Start’s services and activities. Ensure that there are adequate financial resources to meet the short, medium and long term needs of the scheme. Provide for effective fiscal oversight and ensure sound risk management. Select, supervise and support the senior member of staff and review their performance. Understand and respect the relationship between trustees and staff. Act as a responsible employer. Act as an ambassador for Home-Start by actively engaging to promote Home-Start’s public image. Recruit, select and induct new board membersCarry out Home-Start business efficiently and effectively, in accordance with good practice recommendations. Act within the spirit of and according to Home-Start’s equality, fairness and diversity policy and procedures Lead the scheme in accordance with the requirements of the Home-Start Agreement, Quality Assurance system and guidance, policies and procedures provided by Home-Start

Contact Name: Lesley Michaelis
Contact Phone: 01628 661029
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Minimum Age: 0