Castleview School Association

Breakfast Club runs between 7.45am and the start of the school day. Breakfast will be served until 8.20 to enable the staff to clear away before they take the children to the playground. Children arriving after this time will be offered a breakfast cereal bar and a drink and taken to the playground with the member of staff._x000D_
The fee s are; £3 regular attendance Monday to Friday or set days per week, £2 regular attendance Monday to Friday or set days per week for a sibling or £4 for children not in regular attendance._x000D_
After school club is open from 3.15pm 5.30 each day. They provide a tea time snack and drink. There are lots of activities to keep the children occupied. We have themed nights twice a week, Wednesday night is arty craft night where we have fun with all sorts of different materials this can be very creative and the messier the better!! Friday night is film night where the movies come to us popcorn and all!_x000D_
During the Summer holidays we run holiday clubs from 8.30am 5.30pm. Children take part in themed, daily activities ranging from The Talent of The X Factor to a quiet walk to the park. A big success of our Summer club is the paddling pool and water fights!_x000D_
Workshops are made available on the website for parents to develop their knowledge. These workshops include things, like; maths and English._x000D_

Address: Woodstock Avenue, , Berkshire,SL3 7LJ
Telephone: (0)17 5381 0615