Crime Reduction Initiative

CRI provide a service for adults with drug and alcohol problems living in Slough. They work in partnership with other agencies, including; Probation, GP s, Social Services, Community Mental Health Services, The Police, Housing Agencies, Jobcentres and local Education providers._x000D_
CRI offer a clinical service whereby they are involved in medically assisted recovery clinics, run in partnership with local GP services. Shared care and community alcohol detoxification are also offered._x000D_
CRI also offer psychosocial interventions, ranging from one-to-one or group programmes to tackle drug and alcohol problems. The groups on offer include; anxiety management and anger management._x000D_
In addition, CRI run an intensive family engagement service which provides intensive daily support to some of the most vulnerable families in Slough._x000D_

Address: Slough Recovery Services, 95 High Street, ,01753 692548
Telephone: (0)79 6669 4184